My name is Annemarie, an illustrator and graphic designer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands.


I am passionate about creating things with my own hands, seeing ideas grow into something real. I carry my sketchbook around to be sure no ideas wonder off somewhere never to be seen again. I love to travel, design and illustrate. Beautiful magazines make me happy and so does photography. I really love to cook (and eat!) and I am trying to love
to run.


I want people to enjoy something unique, handmade with passion and love. And that is what I try to make.


Everything at Stoffer + Blik is handmade in Rotterdam. I try to use as much natural or recycled materials as I can.


If you have any questions, comments or just want to say hi, please
don't hesitate and send me an email by clicking


Thanks for visiting Stoffer + Blik. I hope you enjoy it!



© Stoffer + Blik is a handmade label from Rotterdam
by Annemarie Gorissen